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X Chiudi
MitteleuropaEuropa CentraleCentral Europe

Collection Mitteleuropa

At the beginning of the twentieth century in Europe the search for synthesis and stylization took over from analitical design typical of nineteenth-century drawing. New artists and designers focused on the distribution and strenght of line and on the two-dimensional and decorative qualities of space, moving away from the rules of perspective. Designers became representatives of a new "taste" so-called "Art Nouveau". For this new line of stained glass panels, we have piked up some details from original designs by Koloman Moser, Otto Wagner, Mila von Luttich, Lajos Kozma, Alfred Roller, Julius Klinger, Otto Andri. These decorations have been reproduced on flat glasssheets by using the refined etching technique. Thus we have created the "Mitteleuropa Collection", a sober and refined proposal meant to satisfy all tastes in interior design. It is just a fair tribute to all those artists, painters and interior designers who contributed to the developing of this current, that was the basis of many important innovations in the twentieth-century avant-garde and artistic-movements, from Expressionism to Futurism and Rationalism.

Kollektion Mitteleuropa


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