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Erwin BurgerErwin BurgerErwin Burger

Collection Erwin Burger

The creation of the satin glass "Erwin Burger" adds a new range of glass products ,suitable for building and furniture purposes. This new cut-glass bridges the gap , whichhas always existed , between the totally transparent cut-glass and the totally trasluced one,which is opaque to images. Nowadays , thanks to this new material , with the refineddrawing obtained through the elegance and lightness of the acid-technique , a new kind ofcut-glass is available: the most suitable for as many solutions as the several glassproblems. Some examples: hall glass , large skylights , inner doors , outer doors ,semi-transparent partitions between different rooms or different areas inside the sameroom , large doors for cupboards , closing-walls for shower-boxes inside bathrooms ,show-window panels , banisters , staircase areas , etc. In all this kinds of employments ,the satin glass "Erwin Burger" , besides its exceptional aesthetic contribution , oncestratified or temperated , allows to protect the users safety , since it's a safety glass. Alldrawings have been executed directly by Erwin Burger , and then they have beenreproduced on plate , on an industrial scale , thus preserving unchanged the taste andpleasure of all hand-made products.


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